Key West Real Estate Market: 2023 YEAR END WRAP UP

Key West Real Estate Market Update

In the first of half of 2023, the average sale price of homes in Key West increased by 10%, however, the overall number of transactions closed decreased by 58%. Click the link below to see the entire real estate market update for Key West and learn how TEAMKAUFELT is continuing... to excel in an ever changing Key West real estate market.

Key West Real Estate 3-Year Market Comparison:
2023 2022 2021
NUMBER OF SALES  214  365  501
AVG. LISTING PRICE  $1,572,454  $1,419,973  $1,183,492
AVG. SOLD PRICE  $1,450,582  $1,320,309  $1,122,302
DAYS ON MARKET  53  44  82
AVG. LISTING PRICE/SF $1,058 $922 $749
AVG. SOLD PRICE/SF $1,019 $909 $724


Key West real estate market

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