“CrissCross” | A Major Motion Picture Filmed in Key West

Starring Goldie Hawn and Damian Vantriglia, and filmed on location here in Key West

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Damian Vantriglia, aka, “The Lizard King of Key West🦎” landed a leading role as “Buggs” in the major motion picture film “CrissCross,” a Key West movie starring @GoldieHawn and filmed on location here in Key West! Damian was impressive to the movie producers and the casting director with his lizard tricks. What Damian did was clamp lizards onto his ears and nose - where they’d hang obediently. “I just put them to sleep, I don’t harm them,” Damian explained. Damian would catch the friendly geckos and pet them gently to sleep. Sometimes he would keep one for a day in his terrarium, feeding it “Vitafly,” nutritious freeze dried flies. In the film, Goldie Hawn delivers a moving portrayal as a poor, single mother left to raise her young son in a seedy Key West neighborhood after her troubled, Vietnam vet, husband leaves the family to take up residence at a monastery. When Tracy reluctantly resorts to dancing at a strip club to make more money, Chris begins to take on odd jobs to help her out. Unfortunately, his work transporting freshly caught fish leads to unforeseen trouble for Chris and his struggling mother. Damian is pleased to become a member of TEAM KAUFELT with Truman & Co., Real Estate Services selling property in Key West and the Lower Florida Keys. Born and Raised in Key West, Damian has a strong appreciation of the island and its amazing community. Damian's community involvement includes: Support Keys Schools, Take Stock in Children, Monroe Computes, Monroe Association for ReMarcable Citizens, Bahama Village Music Program, Reef Relief, and many others.
An avid boater, Damian is passionate about his island home - its past, present, and future. "I look forward to sharing the best that the Florida Keys has to offer, while assisting you to achieve your Real Estate goals."

Meet the Team | Damian Vantriglia

Key West movie

Key West movie

Learn more about Damian Vantriglia here: https://www.teamkaufelt.com/damian-vantriglia/

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