1230 Seminary Street Has an Abundance of Exotic Plants

Red Lipstick Palm

1. Red lipstick palm – also known as the Red Sealing Wax Palm from Thailand, owes its name to the striking resemblance its crownshafts and leaf sheaths bear to the vivid red wax once used to seal letters and envelopes.

Bottleneck Palm

2. Bottleneck palm – aptly named for its uniquely shaped trunk, is happiest in the warm areas of South Florida. 🌞

Elephant Ear Plant

3. Elephant ear – the striking mammoth leaves can be more than three feet long and the plants can grow higher than six feet tall.

Palo Santo plant, Lignum Vitae

4. Lignum Vitae – Also known as Palo Santo, this extremely strong, dense, and self-oiling wood was once very important for industrial applications requiring a material with its extraordinary combination of properties.

xTamarind tree

5. Tamarind – native to Africa, it is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible fruit, highly desirable wood, and large shade canopy.

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